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Manager Li broke out in cold sweat.

If each GPL slot was sold for 15 million yuan, and each GOG team coupled with their GPL slot were sold for 14 million yuan...

What would happen?

How would he explain this to his boss when he returned?

He did not know what kind of telepathic exchange these bidders had had, but the situation had taken a turn for the worse, and the story had developed beyond his expectations.

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The three teams had originally been in high demand, but they had now become hot potatoes.

Everyone had been fighting for the teams, but no one cared about them anymore!

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The managers of the three clubs were extremely anxious.

If it were possible, they would not have minded fighting for one another. They would have bought each other over at about the same price. At the very least, they would not lose their GOG teams.

However, the problem was that Boss Pei seemed to have predicted this. He had prohibited this in advance.

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All the companies present had already paid a deposit beforehand. Anyone who had not paid a deposit was not qualified to bid.

Since none of the three club managers had intended to buy one another over, they had not prepared beforehand.