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Lu Zhiyao’s mental journey might not be able to be used directly in the plot, but it would also provide some ideas that were not thought of before.

For example:

It seemed ironic that their rational judgment would be impaired if they cared too much about whether these units were real people or not and that not treating them as real human beings would be able to reduce sacrifices.

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Because of the special medium which was the game, the subconscious would deny and resist the idea that the ‘characters in the game were real-life people’.

When too many people died, life would become a number, and the highest commander would only fall into numbness and despair.

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However, was it right to treat people completely as numbers? It seemed like it would give rise to more problems...

Moreover, Lu Zhiyao played ‘Starcraft 2’, not ‘Destiny and Choice’.

Imagine, if it was ‘Destiny and Choice’, every soldier had their own mind and the gap between humans and the Zergs would be even greater...

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Many thoughts quickly collided; Zhu Xiaoce suddenly had a wave of inspiration!

“I’ll use your computer!” he quickly said.

Lu Zhiyao stood up quickly. “Alright.”

Zhu Xiaoce exit ‘Starcraft 2’ immediately and created a new document, quickly tapping on the keyboard.

Lu Zhiyao stood behind curiosity and watched for half a minute before saying with some doubts. “Director Zhu, are you... writing a summary of the story from the beginning?”