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“I-I was saying the victory. …Y-Yes, in terms of the ‘victory,’ you wouldn’t even get 2nd runner up!”

“Is this the Olympics!? Eh, is there punishment for people that didn’t enter the top 3!?”

“N-No, it’s not like that. …However, you should still aim to get a medal! Don’t you feel upset when you’re just one step away from the podium!? Show me your soul of a samurai!”

“What!? Tora, I don’t understand why you’re getting so worked up! Uh, …indeed, I guess being the last place makes you upset. …A-Anyway, I’ll try harder net time. It’s okay.”

Phew, …i-it looks like I barely made it through. That was close…

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In the end, I got 2nd place in the first round because of my partner’s sudden explosive death.

After the results came out, the next round immediately started.

The second round is different. Amano got some items on his side too, and the match went well. So, the blocks that isolated the characters are finally destroyed, and both sides are about to meet each other. -However…

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“Uwah! This bot is strong! AHHH!”

“I was saying, why did you die before even touching me!”

Keita Amano was defeated before he can fight me. …So, there’s nothing to see for a video. I faced two bots again. …What’s happening right now?

Amano looked at the fight between the bots and me dazedly as he sighed.

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“…This is boring.”

“Same, me too.”