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“Ah, yes.”

“By the way, when did you two exchange contacts?”

“Hmm? Ah, we exchanged information when we were fighting last time.”

“Exchanged information…? Ah, you mean using QR codes or IDs-”

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“No, Morse code.”

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“Morse code!?”

“We gave each other’s ID by pressing the buttons in a rhythm during the fight.”

“You stupid geniuses!”

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Is there a rule that says a Game Club president must be weird?

Just as I felt speechless, Main-san said, “Anyway, she contacted me.”

“I think she’s picking a fight with me. Your ownership is on the line here.”

“Sigh, again…”

I can’t help but sigh.

Well, honestly, I already know that Tendou-san would rechallenge her sooner or later. It’s just that I didn’t expect to be this quick. In reality, I don’t think she can win yet…

I wrapped my hands around my head and moaned. Main-san got uncharacteristically surprised and continued, “It’s just that…”

“Unexpectedly, she asked whether it’s possible to not do a 1v1.”

“Not 1v1? Well, what does that…”

“Yeah, she wants a 4-player, Smash Bros. style fight. In other words…”