Is online making money?

Is online making money?

Ye Zhizhou turned his cell phone screen to Wang Xiaobin, “He only said this. Brother Wang, this…”

Ye Zhizhou was a little lost for a moment. By right, he should faithfully execute orders from Boss Pei. However, to completely ignore the ballers; wasn’t that courting death?

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In a war game like Bloody Battle Song, the amount that ballers spent was around eighty percent of all the top-ups that players did. To disregard the ballers would be losing eighty percent of income.

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This wasn’t cutting off an infected limb to save the entire body; this was suicide!

This was precisely why the discussion had gone on for so long without finding a perfect solution. Getting rid of the purchase options would definitely affect the interests of ballers. If ballers were not happy, the game’s income would drop drastically.

That meant that no matter how they looked at it, Boss Pei’s way would lead to a huge fall in gaming income; the two games that were already tanking would suffer even more.

As he was out of options, Ye Zhizhou had finally decided to consult Boss Pei.

In the end, Boss Pei had only replied with these few words. The final solution was actually… to not care? To completely abandon these ballers?

Daring was this?!

Wang Xiaobin’s knitted brows steadily grew wide. “Boss Pei is indeed a courageous person; I’m impressed! These words actually contain such wisdom!”

Wang Xiaobin sighed with emotion.

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Although he didn’t really understand, Ye Zhizhou felt that this was something awesome. Indeed, a seasoned veteran was valuable for his experience and insights. Such a deep matter could only be deciphered by someone of Wang Xiaobin’s experience and wealth of knowledge!

Wang Xiaobin cleared his throat and said, “There is no need to discuss this anymore. Boss Pei had sent us a solution: ‘Let them do as they pleased’! That also means that we do not need to consider the impact of our changes on ballers.

“After the new edition goes online, the stats of the ballers in the old server would remain as such. However, no more purchasing options would be available, and they would no longer be able to elevate their battle powers using money.

“As for the new players in the new server; they would all be at the same starting point and will follow the rules of our new edition.”