Business most profitable online

Business most profitable online

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“Brothers, put your protection on the public chat!”

“As a former employee of the games industry, what Old Qiao said is true. In fact, the lucky draw is nothing more than making use of people’s mentality to earn money without working hard. No matter whether you are a Godd*mn lucky winner or an unlucky player, in fact, the one who would earn in the end would be the game merchant. What’s more, the real rules of the lucky draw are never purely real probabilities. Instead, they are fake probabilities that have been calculated by the system designers to ensure that most players’ final results are within expectations. It’s really the same sentence: You might make a small profit, but I will never make a loss!”

“Is Old Qiao going to offend all the game developers in the country? How many games are there that don’t do lucky draws? Everyone knows that lucky draws earn money quickly. This is cutting off one’s path to wealth!”

“After watching this video, I decisively held back my hand that wanted to draw the lucky draw. There is one thing that is right. People who like to draw the lucky draw do not like the prizes inside at all, but the feeling of drawing something good.”

“Indeed, no matter how good the item is, it will only feel good at the moment you draw it. You would get sick of it after playing it for two to three days, or at most a week. However, the thought of obtaining good items from the lucky draw would always exist. Therefore, you would still not be able to control your hand when you draw the next lucky draw. Unknowingly, you would not know where to spend the money...”

“Old Qiao is really bold. He even dares to make a video that reveals the truth.”

As if he had foreseen the possible reaction of the bullet screen comments, Qiao Liang changed the topic in the video. “Actually, this video was also posted out of inspiration.”

“The person who really stepped forward to expose this unspoken rule is not me, but Tengda Corporation’s Boss Pei!”

“Everyone knows that there are two huge hot topics in the gaming circle recently: One is a lucky draw organized by Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation. The special prize is a car that attracts a large number of players to participate. The other is Tengda Corporation’s new game, ‘Fitness Battle’. It uses a brand new lucky draw model and can be refunded freely.”

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“Now, the former’s popularity is obviously higher than the latter. Many players also feel that Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation’s lucky draw activities would be so heavily discounted. They would definitely be more conscientious than the Lucky draw of Fitness Battle.”

“That is obviously wrong!”

“That’s because the lucky draw event of Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation is actually the lucky draw event that I described previously. On the surface, the products are rich, but in reality, they are all the same.”

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“If you don’t believe me, you can ask the ballers to show off their lucky draw records. After deducting the rubbish skins that they don’t want, you can calculate the actual profits and see who earned it.”

“Of course, compared to other black-hearted lucky draw events, this lucky draw might seem very conscientious. However, it’s far from good compared to the lucky draw of ‘Fitness Battle’ !”