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“Otherwise, Boss Pei will not deliberately leave this puzzle.”

Ye Zhizhou frowned. “From this point, hiring foreign big-name celebrities seemed to be suitable, but the price-quality ratio may be very poor.”

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Li Yada shook his head. “I think that would be boring.”

“The overlap of big-name celebrities and our target audiences is not high enough. We are not selling luxury goods or daily necessities. How many players can we attract by having big celebrities endorse us? The conversion rate will definitely not look good.”

Bao Xu thought about it and said, “I think it won’t really matter even if it overlaps with the domestic server publicity strategy. The birth of GOG represented Boss Pei’s original idea. This approach seemed to match the current situation of GOG’s international services.

“I mean... character IPs.”

“Character IPs?” The eyes of the other three brightened up.

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Bao Xu nodded. “Yes, Boss Pei had set the direction when GOG first started: Purchase a large number of Character IPs to serve as GOG’s hero reserve.”

“Even though we developed our own capabilities, we have never stopped buying character IPs. We have a huge place in the GOG creative area to showcase the character IPs we bought and to allow players to collect them,” Bao Xu continued.

“GOG world server is currently lacking in this area!”

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“That’s right, we are indeed lacking in that!” Min Jingchao said in realization.

“The character IPs we have bought until now are characters with a little influence locally, but none at all when it comes to overseas. These character IPs are foreign to them.

“Comparing the current GOG hero storage to IOI, they might have the advantage locally, but the reverse is true overseas. Players overseas might be more tolerant towards the heroes of IOI.