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High school graduate students to make money

“Of course, I can open it first.”

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To mobilize someone, although I thought we had no choice but to start acting by ourselves, there would be no one who thought that Hirata was actually the culprit, including boys, not just girls. To say that he stole his girlfriend’s underwear, in the first place, is a bit of a contradiction. However, if the first one disclosed his luggage this way, we couldn’t help but follow the example. It was inevitable that the students who didn’t show the content of their bags were going to be suspected. Hirata’s bag, naturally, was bound to not to have any underwear.

“There’s no other choice…”

Influenced by Hirata’s actions, all the boys began pulling out their bags from the tent, one after another.

Ike and Yamauchi have been disliking this the whole time but they couldn’t go against the flow of things. Including me, us 3 became the last to go. So I guess I was finally going to the tent. I was following the other two.

“Shit, I’m mad. Men are suspected unconditionally and irrevocably. It’s too unreasonable.”

“Well, let’s prove our innocence in a confident way and triumph over them.”

Ike started to stand up while grabbing the bag but suddenly he stopped and stood still.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ahh, Nothing…”

Abruptly, he turned his back to Hirata and the others and sat down. Checking the inside of his bag, he closed the zipper like he was confused.

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Ike was rigid with a pale face. He was unmovable like he was having a temporary feeling of paralysis.

“Come on, let’s go?”

Yamauchi was watching Ike, whose appearance became suddenly strange, and he said half-jokingly:

“Maybe you stole it”

“What..?!! You’re… You’re wrong!”

Ike hastily denied it, shaking his head while holding the bag in his hands. What a blatant reaction. We haven’t become that dull as if we don’t have any emotions, after all.

“You… Don’t tell me…”