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Horikita has no interest in clubs or making friends. Whenever I talk to her, she looks annoyed. I wonder if she came to this school just for the education or the high employment rate.

It wouldn’t be surprising if that was her only reason, but it seems unnatural.

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“You really don’t have any friends, I see.”

“That’s wrong. Now I can talk to you pretty well.”

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“You say that, but don’t count me as one of your friends.”

“R-right, sure…”

“Since you want to go see the clubs, do you intend to enter any clubs?

“No, I’m still thinking about it. I probably won’t join one though.”

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“If you’re not going to join a club, why are you going to the club fair? Strange. Are you using clubs as a pretext to make friends?”

How is she so smart? No, it’s probably that I’m too easy to understand.

“Because I failed on the first day, clubs are my last chance to make any friends.”

“Isn’t it fine to invite anyone other than me?”

“It’s because I have no one else to invite that I’m having trouble!”

“That’s true. However, I don’t think that Ayanokouji-kun seriously means the things you say. If you really wanted a friend, you’d probably talk more earnestly.”

“Because that’s not possible for me, I tread the path of loneliness.”

Horikita quietly resumed eating her sandwich.

“I can’t really understand that kind of contradictory thinking.”