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Is there any online with money?

Well, she’s indeed dragging it. Konoha-san and I aren’t benefiting from it. Our relationship is just hurting and being hurt. There’s no hope. But…

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“…I have to be responsible.”

“Yeah, I thought so. Senpai is this type of person.”


She wasn’t praising me, I think. I lowered my head silently. Konoha-san tried to comfort me, “Ah, I’m not blaming you.”

“Senpai is incredibly correct as a guy and as a person. It’s more like that’s why I fell in love with senpai.”

“…Thank you.”

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“No problem. …Yeah, so I understand it too. This is something I must experience, no matter how pointless and meaningless it is. I get it. …It has to end, whether it causes me pain or not.”


The gloomy room sank into silence.

Konoha-san started playing with the lock again. She wanted to change the mood and continued with a bright tone.

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“It’s exactly because of these painful days that makes me want to see the proof of progress even more.”

“Ah, that’s why you’re here to find the legendary hentai game.”