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(This is bad…)

I have learned one thing during the joint summer camp with Ice King Academy.

(Even with the way Sid-san is, he is someone with a strong sense of camaraderie…)

Although he has a rough temperament, at his root, he is kind. There’s no way he’ll take the insult of his friends lying down.

「A”a!? Bastard scum… What did you just say?」

Sid-san, who seemed clearly displeased, approached Phantom Academy’s Vice General, Rahm-san.

「S-Stop…! Don’t let him get to you, Sid!」

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The seniors of Ice King Academy desperately tried to stop him, but…

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Sid-san, who was burning with anger, could no longer be stopped.

As though to add fuel to the fire,

「Haha! I’ll say it however many times you want! Ice King Academy is a『gathering of incompetence』!」

Rahm-san provoked him again.

「Ho… If you really want to die that badly… I’ll kill you as you wish! Devour all -〈Vanargand〉!」

At that moment, extreme cold air swept through the venue.

「Haha! Amusing, a first-year brat wants to kill me!? Bore -〈Snake Poison〉!」

Thus, the all-out fight that no one foresaw began.

The battle between Sid-san, who manipulates cold air, and Vice General of Phantom Academy, Rahm Riot-san, who manipulates poison, was fierce.

「〈Freeze Lance〉!」

When Sid-san rained down the ice lances,