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Damaged blue hair which was tied behind.

A large sword scar running on a well-formed face.

Dodriel Barton – a genius swordsman at the Gran Swordsmanship Academy, and now a dweller of the underground who has lost himself to the Black Organization.

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「AHAHAHAHAHA! You splendidly saw through my attack just now! …No, I guess that’s only natural, isn’t it? Because you and I are mutually in love! Our hearts are communicating with each other! Isn’t that right… Allen?」he began to laugh like crazy, saying something incoherent.

「Aren’t you the guy at the Daido Commercial Festival?!」

「Aa. The swordsman who uses a strange soul dress!」

Remembering Dodriel, Ria and Rose immediately pulled out their sword.

「Allen, leave this to us and go ahead…」

「As Ria says, the destruction of the barrier is top priority! Don’t worry, we’ll catch up soon!」

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The two of them stepped forward saying so.

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But I was hesitant.

(Damn… Which one should I choose?!)

Do I stay here and fight together with them?

Or do I entrust this to them and give priority to the destruction of the barrier?

(Ria and Rose were once defeated by Dodriel.)

However, they have grown much stronger since that time.

(…It’s not just here that the fighting is going on.)

Even now, there is a lot of blood flowing in Thousand Blade Academy.