Is there a lucky fish to grab the fish to make money?

Is there a lucky fish to grab the fish to make money?

“If you ask me, I think their punishments aren’t really fair… rather, it would be worse for you if it’s found out that you were trying to fatten up your pocket by using these guys, right? Well, my guess is that these crimes aren’t officially and fairly judged, and that you’re the one who’s been pulling the strings with all sorts of behind-the-scenes trickery to entrap them.”

“D-Don’t be ridiculous! What a convenient thing to say in the midst of such a sloppy mess! How dare you, who are also the trash of the Empire, give this opinion?!”

Of course, Chitsue found such a thing unacceptable.

“Listen, why do you think the world is at peace now, no! Hey, Earth, is it thanks to your father, you think? This is the same as a plain jailbreak in an era without war… yes, in an era without war, it is we politicians who keep the world of peace without war! That you’re enjoying the peace that I have made, and instead of returning the favor to me, you ingrates dare to have an opinion, you do.”

“I guess so… I don’t really understand noble work…. I’ll follow the distinction properly. You and me.”

Chitsue furiously criticized Bro’s defiant state.

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I see…I heard that he was only taking a nap in Congress, but he was working hard.

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Well, no matter which one… or rather, distinction?

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“Hey, Bro, you’re still…”

And then……

“Kikikikiki, ki, Gii… Gii!!”


The door of the back room opened, and a small shadow popped out from inside in fright.

It was the goblin that had disappeared before I knew it.

“Yasashi! What are you doing?”