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For some reason, Uehara-kun’s enraged. I’m confused.

“Eh? Hey, I’m giving my best to train myself even though I’m an otaku. Shouldn’t you praise my will to make myself more beautiful…?”

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“You’re just walking home once per month! How shameless can you be!? Stop giving me that training crap! You’re just a miser that doesn’t want to spend money on the bus to the game store!”

“Ugh…! Then, if Uehara-kun’s saying that, where are you going? I don’t see Aguri-chan or your other friends…”

“Ah, well. I just…want to take a stroll alone.”

Uehara-kun scratched his cheeks a bit awkwardly. To that, I…

“Ah, I see.”

“Oi, you should continue asking me, Hoshinomori! Aren’t you curious about my reaction!?”

“I am. But, I feel like I would just get a ‘thanks, I’m stuffed’ in the end, anyway.”

“Ugh, this irritating observance really feels like Amano too, you sly girl!”


I started blushing after hearing that. …I’m really innocent. Even though I hate being called a replica of Keita a while ago, right now…

Uehara-kun saw my reaction and answered sarcastically. “Thanks, I’m stuffed.” After that, he saw the street and finally passed me my bag.

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“Anyway, here’s your bag. I’ll be going a different way.”

“Ah, yes. Thanks, you were a great help!”