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To put it in simpler terms, it was to spend as much money as possible, but the worse the publicity, the better.

What benefits would that bring to Tengda? Did they feel they had too much budget to spend on publicity? Were they worried if they could not spend all of it?

It didn’t make sense!

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Meng Chang felt that this would not benefit Boss Pei at all. Unless... Meng Chang’s publicity plans exploded every time. In that case, Meng Chang would only be able to get a base salary of three thousand yuan. He would probably never be able to repay his debts in this lifetime. The better his work was, the more miserable he would feel.

However, Meng Chang felt that it was impossible.

Many big companies spent tens of billions of yuan on marketing every year. The heads of the advertising and marketing departments were hired with high salaries because this was a job that required skills. It was not easy to do well, and there were many people who could not do well.

In fact, such a job would be even easier for Meng Chang. He wouldn’t even have to rack his brains to think of various marketing plans. Wouldn’t he be able to get a high commission just by fooling around?

Meng Chang read the agreement many times but could not figure out what was wrong even though he instinctively felt that something was amiss.

Meng Chang was a wily old fox. He was not lacking in financial nor legal knowledge. He could tell that the contract was not a scam. It even made him feel unreal.

The only limitation was that Meng Chang could not mess around. For example, he could not directly scold consumers in advertisements, engage in regional or gender discrimination, or violate advertising laws. Someone would be responsible for supervising him.

However, this clause was quite reasonable to Meng Chang. It was considered a protective clause to prevent him from exploiting loopholes. It was understandable.

After thinking about the millions of debt he had to bear, Meng Chang said, “Alright, I’ll sign it.”

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“The longest period is... ten years?”

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Pei Qian nodded. “That’s right. If you sign for ten years, the highest commission per month would be two hundred thousand yuan. If you sign for three years, the highest commission would be one hundred thousand yuan. The longer you sign, the higher the commission.”

Meng Chang was silent for a moment before he decisively took the pen and signed it. After signing it, he filled in the year column for ten years.