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Lin Wan was flipping through the voice-overs scripts for Game Designer again and again. Some pages were even a little tattered because of her continuous flipping.

“I think… I think I might understand Boss Pei’s motive.” Lin Wan looked at Lu Mingliang.

“Huh?” Lu Mingliang was stunned. “Are you referring to the motive for assigning me to do the voice-overs?”

Lin Wan nodded her head and answered confidently, “That’s right.”

“Quick, say it.” Lu Mingliang displayed high interests.

He did not understand why Boss Pei wanted him to do the voice-overs and was worried that he might drag the game down because of his inability to complete the task.

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Therefore, he was ultimately very apprehensive.

Now that he heard what Lin Wan said, could it be that Boss Pei had some deeper motives?

Lin Wan flipped through the script and switched on her analytical mode. “I must say that Boss Pei’s motives were buried very deeply. That was why we could not see it in the beginning. I can only vaguely figure out his motive after going through the voice-overs that Boss Pei had personally edited multiple times and combining it with the recent short video Boss Pei’s Daily Life.

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“I believe that Game Designer is similar to Boss Pei’s Daily Life. They both used dark humor to achieve an ironic effect! Look at these lines in the voice-overs. The voice-overs will influence players’ decisions from the very start. Each decision that it recommends seems to be the most suitable presently and is more profitable.

“For example, when deciding between the value-added services and buy-to-play revenue models, the voice-over will mislead players’ into choosing value-added services. When deciding between low paywalls and high paywalls, the voice-over will mislead players’ into choosing high paywalls.

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“When choosing among numerous graphics styles, the voice-over will mislead players’ into choosing the cartoonish style that is currently the most popular…

“Each time, the recommendation seems reasonable. After all, games companies must ensure their profits. Most of the time, these recommended choices will be the more profitable option.

“But what happens in the end?

“If players followed exactly what the voice-overs said, their reputation will be tarnished; and they would be severely criticized by the players. Ultimately, they will lose everything that they had! At that time, the voice-overs will ridicule you for having a nose of wax and being indecisive as a boss. It will mock you for listening to everything that it said.