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The other day I asked Tessa why and he said soul dress class has become particularly more intense.

Until now, all they had to do was to talk to the spirit core and negotiate so that they could share its power.

However, recently, when they request more than a certain amount of power, the spirit core seems to show fierce resistance.

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So every time there is a soul dress class, they have to fight the spirit core in the world of the soul. As a result, their mental fatigue has accumulated.

(Well, in that regard, perhaps I’m『lucky』?)

In the first place, that guy doesn’t lend me even the slightest bit of power from the very beginning.

(『Negotiate and Dialogue』- On the day I show that kind of attitude, a straight right flies at me, and by the time I realise, I’m already back in the real world.)

We’ve been at each other’s throat since day one, thus I alone was full of energy even though everyone else was exhausted.

I’m already used to that kind of mental fatigue.

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(Everyone is doing their best. I, too, have to push myself to the limit more!)

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Recently, my motivation for training has been rising.

And the time spent fighting that guy in the world of the soul has also greatly increased.

Now that I’ve mastered『darkness』, I can actually defend against that guy’s attacks.

This is tremendous growth.

(This darkness is a really useful power.)

The jet-black darkness acts perfectly as both offense and defence in unity.

When I wear it, it becomes a strong armor which protects me.

When I concentrate it on my sword, it becomes a『pseudo-black sword』that boasts fearsome sharpness.