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“Ahaha, Amano-kun is indeed an innocent person. You just believed what she said completely.”

“Y-Yeah. I guess you shouldn’t take in those words entirely-“

“Of course. It’s because in reality…the two ghost juniors from this club have partnered up after they swept opponents from another race in an Isekai gaming championship before coming back with a brilliant victory. The chapter of No Game No Rise is the most unusual and heated. In fact, senpai is already trying to tone down the excitement instead of adding for dramatic effect.”

“…Is it time for me to abandon my position as the narrator?”

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Initially, I made it all the way to high school with the belief that a passerby has a passerby lifestyle. However, when I’m in this club, I feel like I can no longer hold back my emotions. From now on, I should stop trying to be a protagonist and just be a machine that repeats “Welcome to Otobuki High School…”

So, just as I’m falling into a depression, Mizumi-kun quickly tried to smooth things over.

“Even after we were busy with a bunch of chores, that’s just a sidequest. We’re still honing our skills in the game industry. I think the Game Club will continue to achieve more feats in the future.”

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After all that, the Game Club still seems to be a group that hones their gaming skills healthily in regular days.

I pressed my chest in relief after knowing the truth.

During this time, I suddenly found out that Kase-senpai is trying to find something deep in the clubroom. T-This kind of change seems familiar…

“If we remembered correctly, this is…”

Just as a tinge of nervousness appeared in my heart, Kase-senpai quickly finished his preparation and looked here. He even slid the handheld console on the long table.

“So let’s play immediately, Keita Amano.”

“Here it comes…!”

Kase-senpai slid the same consoles to Tendou-san and Mizumi-kun. I tremblingly grabbed the one in front of me before looking at the screen. Then, Kase-senpai already opened the game, the title of the game is…

“J-Just like what I’ve expected, it’s the same as last time…!”