Mobile online part-time money platform a single knot

Mobile online part-time money platform a single knot

Pei Qian was unhappy that his own employees were not taking the initiative to think of creative ideas.

As if he had expected better from her, Pei Qian asked, “Do you need me to teach you how to spend money? Buy more art resources, models, actions, story backgrounds, and other details…”

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Embarrassed, Li Yada looked down at her notebook. “But… Boss Pei, if we only need one image and twenty-odd heroes, we would not need that much money for art resources…”

Pei Qian was speechless. “…”

On further thought, that seemed true.

Thanks to the official website for resources, ESRO, the capital required for researching and developing games was now much lower.

It would indeed be quite difficult for them to spend fifty million yuan in just four months on one image and twenty-odd heroes.

What should he do, then?

Pei Qian fell into deep thought. Could he lend the experience of other MOBA games?

Many MOBA games had failed. Yet, did they fail because of poor gameplay, bugs in the system, or bad advertising?

Pei Qian really could not tell.

After much contemplation, Pei Qian finally thought of a decent way out.