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Literature online

He had already spoken to Chang You of Otto Technologies. Both parties hit off immediately and felt that they could cooperate deeply on this project.

To Chang You, even though Guo Licheng’s Deposit Fitness was his first cooperation goal, the Deposit Fitness had limited capacity after all. It could not consume so many smart fitness drying racks.

Previously, he had not been sure if the smart fitness drying rack would be able to make money, so the factory could not invest in too many production lines.

Now that he had earned money and invested all his money into production, his monthly output had reached nearly 10,000 units. If he was willing to invest money into new production lines, it would not be difficult to achieve 20,000 units per month or even higher.

10 smart fitness drying racks were enough for each Deposit Fitness.

There was limited space in the gym after all. He had to leave a lot of space for the strength area, other professional equipment, treadmill ellipticals, and other aerobic equipment. There was also the yoga room, exercise room, and so on. They could not save those.

The 10 devices in each Deposit Fitness would not be able to digest the production capacity of the smart fitness drying rack.

He could not possibly ask Deposit Fitness to open 100 new stores every month, right?

Therefore, this business had to be done with other gyms.

Chang You and Guo Licheng were not worried that this would affect the business of Deposit Fitness because the core competitiveness of Deposit Fitness was not in that.

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The smart fitness drying rack entering the various gyms would not only bring more gamers and income to the Fitness Battle, but there would also be live advertisements for Tengda Corporation and Otto Technologies. Once it was opened, there would be considerable long-term benefits.

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Therefore, Chang You also intended to use Star Bird Fitness to test waters. He wanted to see if the smart fitness drying rack would be popular in ordinary gyms. That would start a large-scale purchasing business for large-scale chain gyms.

There would be at least hundreds of stores in the country with large chain gyms once this path was proven to be feasible. The number of smart fitness drying racks purchased would be extremely shocking.

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If the smart fitness drying rack was placed in the shops of these chain gyms, it would attract the members of these gyms to try it out and experience it. Some of them would choose to buy one and place it at home. This would greatly expand the customer base.

In other words, working with the chain gym was in fact a process of expanding and advertising. The effect would definitely be much better than simply advertising online.

To Li Shi, Star Bird Fitness was obviously a classic example of trying to freeload from Tengda. If he succeeded this time, not only would he be able to freeload from Tengda, but he would also be able to snatch a part of the business of the large chain gyms. Once Star Bird Fitness developed, his investment would definitely be extremely profitable!