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best way to send money

「Around me?!」

Her expression turned ghastly pale as she checked her surroundings.

「This is?!」

Second-Sword Hazy Moon was spread like a web around the president.

「W-When did you?!」

「I inserted it while you were sitting flat on the ground.」

「Y-You saw through my performance?!」

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「Something didn’t feel right at that time… So, I thought, you might just be faking it, and prepared it in advance.」

The president is a strong-willed person.

Even if her spiritual power truly ran out at that time, she would never sit down on the spot.

I’m sure she would try to avoid a direct hit from Dark Roar even if she had to crawl.

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「I see. But Allen-kun has a bad personality. You didn’t really have to set up this ridiculous amount of slashes.」she grumbled annoyedly, glaring at the hundreds of Hazy Moon.

「But, you’re too naive! If I break through this “barrier of slashes”, it is my win!」

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「That may be true, but these are all slashes inserted with the “True Black Sword”. So, to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend you do that.」