What are the online games to play the money platform?

What are the online games to play the money platform?

After being packaged by a professional team, Old Ma looked like a real live-streamer.

However, there was something wrong with the goods he was reviewing.

Everyone else reviewed lipstick, cosmetics, and the like, but Ma Yang was reviewing learning materials.

Those who did not know anything would have thought that this was a live-stream meant for primary school students!

An image appeared on the live-stream, and a big group of viewers flooded in. However, since it was a work day, there were not many people.

“Boss Ma is starting the broadcast!”

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“What has Boss Ma been busy with recently?”

“Boss Ma, do you know about the recent GPL matter? Do you have any insider information?”

“Eh, Boss Ma’s live-stream background has changed. Why? Has the background been specially prepared?”

It had been a while since the fans saw Boss Ma live-streaming. All of them were very passionate, and sporadic gifts floated by.

Ma Yang quickly asked, “Who’s sending me gifts?

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“Manager Fang, permanently ban anyone who gives me presents, understand?

“I don’t lack money. Please don’t give me gifts. I’ll fight anyone who does!

“Alright, almost everyone’s here. Let’s get straight to the point.

“Today, I’ll introduce a few items to everyone.”

Ma Yang brought the items that he had prepared in front of the camera.

A bunch of question marks appeared on the live-stream.

“Boss Ma is... advertising?”