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Bunny Tail Live-Stream was to directly enter the game’s match to watch the battle. There might be friction and collisions in several places on the huge game map at the same time. There were three professional OBs. One was the main camera OB, one was in charge of watching the exciting scenes and replays, and the other was to pay attention to various details in advance to give the main OB a reminder.

This configuration was basically the standard for all the players that were broadcasting the competition. If there was only one OB, some exciting scenes would definitely be missed and affect the audience’s viewing experience.

Chen Yufeng’s goal was to make the live-stream of Bunny Tail live-stream even better than the official ICL league. He naturally could not be sloppy on such a key problem.

Zhang Yuan nodded. “That shouldn’t be a big problem. The GPL is a rotational system with many people. It shouldn’t be difficult to find three people who know IOI from OB. The commentator in charge of controlling the situation would be easier. You can choose whatever you want.”

Chen Yufeng said happily, “That’s great! Actually, we just have to tide over the initial period. We can recruit more people in the future.”

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Zhang Yuan shook his head. “There’s no need for that. It’s too wasteful. We should let the E-Sports Department train and manage these professionals. Just focus on operating the live-stream platform.”

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Chen Yufeng nodded. “Yes, alright!”

Chen Yufeng wanted to “borrow” a few directors, OBs, and commentators from the E-Sports Industry Department to support the scene in the early stages according to his original plan. However, it would definitely not be appropriate to keep freeloading. He had to slowly nurture new people and slowly take over the job of broadcasting the ICL league.

However, Zhang Yuan dismissed that idea.

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The ICL league might be broadcasted by Bunny Tail Live-Stream and had nothing to do with Tengda’s E-Sports Department, but it was obviously a serious waste for both sides to have a competing streaming team. Zhang Yuan took over the job. Not only could he save unnecessary expenses but he could also ensure the effect of the ICL league’s unofficial commentary.

Chen Yufeng stood up. “That’ll be troublesome! I’ll book tickets tonight and make a trip to FV Club. I’ll choose two or three reliable professional players to commentate. I’ll try to arrange for the unofficial commentary for Sunday’s competition!”

Zhang Yuan nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ll be able to find suitable candidates soon. I’ll let them get used to IOI’s competition. There won’t be any problems before Sunday.”

Chen Yufeng thanked him again and again before preparing to head to FV Club. He would choose two or three of the more eloquent professional players recommended by Wu Yue as the unofficial commentator of the ICL league.

Originally, it was very difficult for him to be an unofficial commentator. Whether it was OB or commentary, it was a very professional thing. If he did not do any details well, it would be very easy for the official platform to press him to the ground.

However, now that he had the strong support of Tengda E-Sports and FV Club, Chen Yufeng realized that this matter was actually so simple. He could just run errands!

Chen Yufeng could not help but feel emotional. “Boss Pei is still the best. He planned ahead and achieved twice the results with half the effort!”

“If he had not planned the GPL league and invested in FV Club, how could things have gone so smoothly?”

“Indeed, standing at the top enables one to view things on a higher level. Where you end up really depends on your vision. The field of vision determines success or failure! Boss Pei’s station is too high. It would be difficult not to succeed!”