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What the hell was happening?!

Pei Qian felt lightheaded.

September 29th, Thursday night...

Li Shi had gone to Sloth Apartments in Dawn of Prosperous City early in the morning. He switched on his television and waited for ‘Financial Observation’ to premier on CCTV’s Finance Channel.

The episode had been advertised long ago. It would look deep into Tengda Corporation’s business model, and its title was this:

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Tengda Corporation: Always believe that something strange is about to happen.

Just reading those words would be enough to pique anyone’s interest!

There were many people like Li Shi who were waiting for the episode to premier.

That was because everyone was curious as to how the episode would analyze Tengda Corporation’s business model.

Financial Observation was a professional financial segment, which contained a chatting-and-discussing-style of reporting the news. Members of the finance media, professionals, and businessmen were often invited as guests on the show to chat about economics and make it more relatable and commercial. The program was both easy to understand and highly professional.

Of course, many so-called ‘famous economists’ frequently appeared on television and were often praised by the media. However, none of them knew what they were talking about, and most lacked the ‘conscience’ that academics should have.

Still, because of the platform that Financial Observation was on, no such problem existed. Thus, it was quite popular among viewers.

Li Shi had seen a few episodes before and benefited a lot from their analyses of business models.

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This time, however, the Financial Observation segment was going to cover Tengda Corporation, which had rapidly expanded in two years. What kind of sparks would that generate?

Just thinking about it excited him!

Soon, the program officially began.

“An in-depth observation of economics for the benefit of the greater public. Good day, everyone. I am the host, Wang Zheping.