Online WeChat investment make money

Online WeChat investment make money

“That’s it. I’ll go to Jingzhou to drink with you someday!”

After saying that, Lin Chang hung up.

Pei Qian looked at his cell phone screen. “What the...”

He read the information online again.

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Although most of the Netizens had negative outlooks of the game and felt that the GPL would be affected by the combined resistance of so many clubs, Pei Qian had a vague feeling that things would not develop as expected on the internet.

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There were only six teams in total. The more he sold to third parties, the less Tengda would have. That meant that he would have to spend ten million yuan less!

Without delay, he quickly called Zhang Yuan.

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“Hello? Zhang Yuan, how many people have contacted you regarding the GPL teams recently?”

Zhang Yuan’s surprised voice sounded from the other end of the line. “Boss Pei, there are at least ten buyers expressing their intentions to buy!”

Pei Qian’s heart nearly dropped.

Ten companies?!

He had thought that two or three companies would have been good enough. Why were there so many people?!

Pei Qian quickly asked, “Who are they?”

Zhang Yuan answered, “Boss Li’s Fu Hui Investments and investors want to buy two companies; Shenhua Real Estate’s Boss Lin wants to buy one; that coal boss’s rich second-generation heir, Xue Zhebin wants to buy one; Sun Strike Studios’ Zhou Muyan wants to buy one...

“Other than that, there are also some big companies that wanted to work with us for a long time, as well as speculators who saw a business opportunity and wanted to sell the teams after the GPL quota fills...”

Pei Qian was silent.

If that was the case, there were more than ten companies!

He was just a little puzzled. Why were Xue Zhebin and Zhou Muyan getting involved?