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“Wait, where is the maid cafe? Why are we here?”

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He had seen a healing maid cafe on the map of Thriller Hostel in between Ultimate Horror and Haunted House Nightmare. It was said that lovely young ladies would be there to serve you warm, hot drinks to comfort the frightened people.

However, for some reason, the fans actually walked to this ‘lunatic asylum theme restaurant’. Qiao Liang felt something was wrong when he saw this sign with white letters and red background.

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“The maid cafe is only to drink coffee. There is nothing much to eat there. That is why we are here to eat. Come on!”

Everyone brought Qiao Liang in with malicious intent. Ruan Guangjian followed behind, smiling silently.

There was an iron prison door stained with bloody handprints under the dim light with a huge red button on it. Reaching out and pressing it, the iron prison door would automatically open before one could enter the theme restaurant.

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Qiao Liang almost sucked in cold air.

What the f*ck was with this theme restaurant? This was just another haunted house project, right!?

The lights inside were obviously much brighter than ordinary haunted houses, but the dark iron fence, the thick chain on the door, the surrounding arrangement, the bottle of bright red liquid that looked like plasma on the counter...

It seemed to remind them of the scene in the horror film.

Of course, strictly speaking, it could not be regarded as a prison theme, but a prison and hospital theme. Its setting was more biased towards the mental hospital in general movies and games.

There was a huge difference in the positioning of the two.

Many restaurants in China had prison themes as well, but they had all failed. There were two reasons: the first was the wrong location, and the second was the overall direction.

In real life, most people were not interested in horror themes. Who would go if a prison-themed restaurant was opened on the streets? However, if there was a prison-themed restaurant in a haunted house, then it would be fitting because those who came to a haunted house were generally young people who had strong psychological endurance to accept it all.

Another point was that it might be prison-themed, but it was different from prisons. The failed prison-themed restaurants in China were all built strictly in accordance with actual prisons and even made military green quilts. The upper and lower bunks, tables and chairs, and iron fences were all made of stainless steel. It felt like a very modern and real prison. That 100%!r(MISSING)ecreated the experience of having a prison meal which was neither horrible nor comfortable, simply disgusting. However, the setting at this theme restaurant was completely different from the real prison. Its poisoning was closer to the mental hospital in horror movies and games. The layout was in the western style of the last century and felt more like a separate kind of horror and curiosity of a real prison image.