Which game is the most profitable

Which game is the most profitable

“If you’re gonna keep spoutin’ off that shit, then I guess I don’t gotta stick around waitin’ for the water to get here.”

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There wasn’t a shred of hesitation on his face as he began making a show of brushing nonexistent dust off his thighs, implying that he would soon stand up and leave.

“Please hold on a moment, Hōsen-kun. I think you should wait for Horikita-senpai to finish first.”

Nanase, who had been quietly listening off to the side, prompted him to stop.

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“Let her finish? That shit ain’t necessary.”

“No, it is. If we continue as things are now, our class will never be able to come together.”

Horikita stoically observed as the two first-years made their exchange.

“Who gives a fuck? Disobedient trash should be left to rot. It ain’t much of a problem if we lose some nobodies anyway.”

“That’s not right.”

“Nanase, are you an idiot?”

Hōsen exhaled loudly, seemingly more so out of exasperation than anger.

“I don’t get anythin’ from accepting their conditions like some little bitch. What’s in it for me?”