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I want to chop up the foolish me who thought sensei was『cool』even for a moment.

Or rather, to think that she had us wait all this while just to finish reading a comic… my emotions had grown from anger to disgust.

It was the same for both Ria and Rose. Both of them were breathing heavily with a furious look.

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(Is it really okay for this person to be the director of Thousand Blade Academy…?)

As that tinge of doubt crossed my mind, I asked sensei about something that has been bothering me lately.

「Isn’t Leia-sensei supposed to be really busy? Normally, if someone were to hold concurrent posts as the director and homeroom teacher, I don’t think they would have the time to read manga…」

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And then she proudly rubbed her nose.

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「Fufu, no problem. Because I’ve left all the miscellaneous matter to this guy.」

And at the end of sensei’s line of sight,


A man sitting in a small chair was silently doing paperwork at the corner of the room.