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「Hey, is this finally the year of resurgence of the『Invincible』Thousand Blade Academy!?」

The audience sent a voice of blessing and a crackling applause.

「Now then, we will continue with the second match, Twilight Academy vs Mist Academy! For everyone at Thousand Blade Academy and Werewolf Academy, please go down to the contestants’ waiting room!」

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Then we went to the contestants’ waiting room as the commentary progressed.

Walking down the long corridor, the moment I opened the door of the waiting room.


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Almost every swordsman in the waiting room stared at me.

A person who peeped at me with a sidelong glance.

A person who turned an evaluating glance towards me.

A person staring straight from the front, without hiding it.

(It’s not my imagination, right…)

As I felt uncomfortable with the strange situation,

「Fufu, everyone is very interested in Allen-kun, aren’t they?」