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This summer promotional event revolved around GOG. There were three main aspects:

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First of all, GOG’s entire skin was discounted by three to five percent. The specific discount depended on the player’s proficiency in the hero. The player who played more would get 70%!o(MISSING)ff, and the player who played less would get 50%!o(MISSING)ff.

Second, the summer promotion event would last until July 10th. During this period, players would accumulate points in GOG. They could exchange for rare avatars, avatars, expressions, and other small items.

Lastly, it was the overseas market’s promotion of GOG. During the summer promotion event, many operators in the overseas market could carry out activities based on the actual situation of the local market. Tengda would subsidize half of the relevant funds.

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Of course, the actual funds and expenses of these activities had to be strictly calculated and verified. There would be no cheating of funds.

Pei Qian thought that Finger Games should be able to afford such a high-level summer promotional event, right?

He was already rather restrained.

It was just a simple discount for the skins and a small reward for spending points.

According to Finger Games’ previous habits,summer promotion event activities would be at a 30 to 50%!d(MISSING)iscount.

Once Tengda offered a 50%!t(MISSING)o 70%!d(MISSING)iscount, Finger Games would definitely be forced to increase the discount.

Once Finger Games’ specific summer was released on June 26th, Pei Qian could consider launching a second batch of activities to test Finger Games’ bottom line.

All in all, he decided on this summer promotion event for now.

The relevant functions of summer promotion events had long been developed. What he wanted to confirm now was nothing more than a specific system design problem. Pei Qian sent the final plan to Min Jingchao and then waited for Finger Games to give a response.

Tengda’s summer promotional activities will be released tonight. Finger Games would definitely react on Monday and Tuesday after two days of fermenting over the weekend.

Pei Qian opened a new document after settling the summer’s promotional matters.

A commendation letter for Bao Xu’s outstanding employee!

“All departments and subsidiaries of the company:”