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This was my evaluation.

Shinohara-san and Sato-san wholeheartedly agreed with me.

He was the rare specimen who taught me that even if someone had just one flaw, their evaluation could go from 100 to 0 points.

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Starting from the relationship between Ike-kun and Shinohara-san, to my ideal man, I proceeded to the next stage.

“Speaking of which, Sato-san, what about you and Ayanokouji-kun?”

“Eh…? Why, why ask me about this?”

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After being asked an unexpected question, Sato-san stiffened.

Shinohara-san, who looked as if she had just remembered something, turned her gaze at Sato-san. During the winter break, Sato-san told us something. At that time, she told us about her love for Ayanokouji-kun, and wondering whether she should confess to him. Back then, just like with Ike-kun and Shinohara-san right now, I planned to just enjoy watching them progress, while supporting from a distance.

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“It’s… it’s not like…”

Wanting to deny it, Sato-san then hesitated.

And when I noticed, Satou-san had come to an abrupt stop when talking about Ayanokouji-kun.

Of course, with regards to what this meant, Shinohara-san and I did not approach this topic, knowing clearly what it meant.

He probably rejected her, or had a change of heart. In short, as long as Sato-san didn’t intend to speak, we had to be careful to not talk about this topic.

However, if I wanted to know more about Ayanokouji-kun, this wasn’t something I could avoid.

“Can… Can you two keep this a secret?”

She spoke.

Shinohara-san and I, sure that we were going to hear something extremely interesting, each patted one of her shoulders.