Is it true that the web add WeChat makes money?

Is it true that the web add WeChat makes money?

“…E, …uh. ….Whatever.”


Main-san and I impatiently yelled as we fought each other. “Oh.” Aguri-san seems to have understood and clapped her hands.

“Yeah, it’s close.”

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“No, it’s not close. This is the correct answer!”

“Really? …By the way, you two can really talk while having such a fierce battle.”

“We didn’t say it because we wanted to!”

Main-san and I are getting incredibly frustrated as we continue attacking back-and-forth. …Damn, whether we’re seriously fighting or not, as long as someone’s not getting the gamer jargons properly, we can’t help but interrupt. This is the pathetic side of gamers.

Aguri-san looked at the two of us and sighed.

“Come to think of it, you two do look like a pair of good friends enjoying gaming together-“


“-No. I’m sorry. I’m getting too full of myself. Please let me apologize.”

In the end, our extremely annoyed aura exploded on Aguri-san’s face. She freaked out and immediately apologized before shutting up.

Our ferocious attack-and-defend situation came to an end. Then, when I caught a break as we distanced ourselves, I can’t help but complain.

“Sheesh, who do you think I’m fighting for…”