Earn money appios

Earn money appios

Handong University’s family home district...

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Yu Pingan got out of the taxi, took out his mobile phone, and glanced at the specific address and house number.

Today, he was going to visit Kong Zhemin, an old Arts Professor at Handong University.

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Professor Kong Zhemin, born in 1946, was a first-level professor of humanities and social sciences at Handong University, a doctoral supervisor, and concurrently the Director of the Institute of Chinese Education of Handong University, the Chief editor of Chinese textbooks for primary and secondary schools, and a member of the Basic Education Expert Committee, editor, convener of the expert group for the revision of Chinese curriculum standards, etc.

In short, he was a deserving master in the Faculty of Arts of Handong University and even the entire domestic academic circle.

Yu Pingan had seen a lot of wealthy company executives, and there was nothing to worry about.

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However, to meet a real master like Professor Kong Zhemin was completely different.

Yu Pingan calmed down and carefully reviewed the preparations for Useful App before going upstairs.

He came today to invite Professor Kong for cooperation, but this was not so easy.

After receiving the Useful App development task from Boss Pei, Yu Pingan immediately started to re-plan the entire department’s business and optimize the staff structure.

Some people continued to develop and improve the functions of Tengda Life App while others were selected to form the Useful App research and development team.

Yu Pingan was totally confused when he received the mission from Boss Pei.

Because in his opinion, the ‘useful APP’ development cycle was too long, and it was extremely difficult to make a profit. It was really not a very good project.

However, he still strictly implemented Boss Pei’s requirements and began preparations seriously.

That was because Yu Pingan emphasized one thing in software: ‘iterate’!

It could be seen from the development process of its own department. From ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ to Tengda Life App; this App had been revised several times, the content was constantly adjusted, and the user groups it faced had also undergone tremendous changes.

It can be said that without the ‘iteration’ that Boss Pei had been promoting, the current success of Tengda Life App would not have been possible!

Therefore, the new project Useful App that Boss Pei was going to make—even if it does not seem to be reliable now—would always meet Boss Pei’s expectations and achieve great success after iteration.