What software is the software that is most profitable online?

What software is the software that is most profitable online?

I’ll be d*mned if I think the same! I don’t want to meet him at all!

The first name on his blacklist in his notebook was Teacher Qiao, but the second was this fellow!

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Most importantly, ever since they worked together on Ghost General, Ruan Guangjian and Pei Qian’s relationship was no longer a purely business one.

Instead, Ruan Guangjian seemed to take Pei Qian as his trusted companion. Although both of them were in different industries-one was in the games industry and the other was doing concept art, the feeling of being like two peas in a pod seemed to plug the inter-industry gap between them.

The corners of Pei Qian’s mouth twitched again. “Hehe, when he comes, I’ll make sure to ‘host’ him well.”

The two games were progressing according to plan. From the way things were going, it did not look like there were any serious problems Pei Qian had to correct.

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Pei Qian pondered for a moment. There were many more things to keep him busy from now on. In the blink of an eye, July was nearly over. There were three more urgent things to handle.

First, according to Pei Qian’s plan, he had to select the outstanding employee on August 1st. Pei Qian had a rough idea of how to conduct the evaluation this time. The outstanding employee would be selected based on votes. Pei Qian did not plan to manipulate things behind the scene because he did not trust his own judgment.

Crowds were the best judges. The outstanding employee whom they selected must be widely-recognized to be important in the company. Pei Qian would not protect or keep him or her for sure. Even if the employee happened to be his beloved and trusted confidant, Pei Qian would have to eliminate him or her!

Apart from this, there were also the high-end restaurant and Upwind Logistics. They were still in the midst of preparations to open for business, but it was about time to decide who should be put in charge of these.

Pei Qian remembered that one of the branch managers of the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes was a chef. That man should be assigned to take care of the high-end restaurant.

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After all, the chef did not manage to achieve anything after becoming the branch manager. It was obvious that he was not that skilled. If Pei Qian put him in charge of the high-end restaurant, it would look like a match on the surface in terms of profession. Yet, in reality, he would become a liability.

As for Upwind Logistics…

Pei Qian thought about asking the outstanding employee this time if he or she would be interested in being in charge of Upwind Logistics.