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But at the end of the day, results rarely betray the favored outcome.

Nanase won her second match by another large margin, and was now one step away from snatching up the competition.

“She’s a tough one.”

Kiriyama voiced his candid impression of Nanase as he spectated the matches.

Of course, these words were not meant for me, but for his fellow group members.

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The other semifinal match went by and before long, the final matchup was decided. Nanase would be going up against a girl named Tokunaga, and this time, her opponent was someone with an identical B+ Physical Ability rating. Tokunaga had won her last two matches decisively, much in the same way that Nanase had. The final match had become a proper showdown between two worthy competitors.

Up until this point, the onlooking crowd had been fairly rowdy, but everyone quieted down as the two girls took their positions and waited for the signal.

The staff member fired off the pistol for the last time, the sound echoing out across the beach. And with it, the two girls burst into action, arising from the sand simultaneously. The opening movement was truly evenly matched, but the similarity between them only went that far.

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Not only did Nanase take the first step after getting up, but she propelled herself forward with a strength far superior to that of Tokunaga. And then, after a short sprint, she dove, cleanly wrenching the flag out of the sand as she did.

Tokunaga had been skilled enough to make it all the way to the final match, and given that she also had a flawless opening, she must’ve realized the difference between herself and Nanase. A difference so apparent that she couldn’t even feel resentful about it, left only to smile bitterly with traces of astonishment in her expression. In the end, she asked Nanase for a handshake, paying due respect to the victor two years her junior.

After leaving to wash off all the sand from her body and swimsuit, Nanase returned with her participatory bottle of water in hand.

After fighting three fierce battles in this sweltering heat, a cold drink of water was probably just what her body needed.

“That was a landslide victory.”