What matters doing online on the Internet

What matters doing online on the Internet

『Pathetic, this one... to proclaim victory..... Huh? 』

「...... Hey, hey. 」

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Tre’ainar, who was watching the whole scene, spoke to me with a smile.

It’s as if Rebal saying, “I will win” was a slight against him.

「Hey, don’t say it so easily. You saw Fu’s magic earlier, didn’t you? That was awesome... Even Rebal will have power of that level. 」

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『Irrelevant. After all, both are still at a level that can be achieved. Genius? In comparison, after all, it might as well be child’s play. In two months, they will be overwhelmed. 』

「Hey! I can do that? 」

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『Tis possible. One year of study abroad? Yet all he did was beat a wild dragon? It seems the privilege being able to receive my guidance for two months is comparable to a hundred years worth of training. Once, I undoubtedly defeated the dragon king of the demon world. 』

「I-it’s not reliable when you say it... 」

『And then, that little one. Are you unaware he is merely pretending to use bit class magic to create a mega class output? Were I alive, Giga class... No, I would demonstrate power on the Tera class. 』

「No, wait a minute. What’s Giga or Tera? That’s what I heard, right? 」

After understanding the extent of Fu and Rebal’s power, Tre’ainar asserts that “I am the winner”.

『Believe in me. Whose disciple do you think you are? 』

Strangely, I felt the power in those words, and I felt my depression soothing immediately as my spirit was rising.

『Anyway, tis you who will win the championship. However, in order to do that, you will also take on some risks. 』

「Risk? 」