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「Ha, hahaha… Y-You know, it’s just something to fire up the applicants! The expression may be a little too provocative, but… That’s what advertising is all about, isn’t it?」

Sensei said while scratching her head. Her eyes moved every which way.

「Hou, there is something else on this page, too.『Save Thousand Blade Academy From the Evil Clutches of Allen Rodore!』- I think it’s a little too much firing up, though.」Rose said.

「W-Well, it’s…」

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Sensei was unable to make any more excuses.

(『Evil Swordsman』and『Evil Clutches』, huh…)

That’s harsh writing.

「Everything about this smells really suspicious… I can’t help but feel that there is something you aren’t telling us.」

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「It is certainly a famous story to some extent that the Five Academy’s makes their excellent students an examiner, but… I’ve never heard of any exam which pushed one student so far to the front.」

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When they both shoot a sharp gaze,

「Fuu, okay okay… I’ll tell you everything.」

As though having resigned herself, sensei dropped her shoulders and slowly began to talk.

「It’s embarrassing, but our current financial situation is very tight. The reason is that, as you know, the academy building was completely rebuilt last September. There were a lot of subsidies from the government, but… Even so, the majority of the reserve will be cut off, and this fiscal year’s finance is expected to be significantly going into deficit.」

「I-Is that so…?」

Rebuilding the academy building.

The cause was the incident in which Fu Rudras and Dodriel Barton suddenly attacked Thousand Blade Academy.

In front of the overwhelming power of Fu, I was driven into a corner, but…

Zeon, who snatced my body, went on a rampage, and I managed to survive without any problems.

The academy building, however, collapsed completely in the process.