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To satisfy his desires, he even abandoned his pride as a swordsman.

His single-minded honest motives made me even feel awe.

(But it’s useless.)

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The fight between swordsmen is a serious match. Two-on-one and such is just absurd.

It is probably best known to Bacchus-san, who has been at the forefront as a swordsman for over 200 years.

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No matter how strongly he is persuaded, his pride as a swordsman won’t allow such cowardly means.

「Hmm, maybe there is some truth to what you say.」

「Ba, Bacchus-san!?」

I overestimated his pride too much.

「T-The fight between swordsmen is a serious match… you know that right!?」

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I desperately appealed to the conscience of those two as fellow swordsmen.

「Of course, I know that. But think about it. What we’re holding right now is not a blade, just a mop. As long as we don’t have swords, it does not count as a “fight between swordsmen”.」Bacchus-san said.

「Yes. This is a “fight between men”, so to speak. There is no cowardice and such here. Only winners and losers. That’s all!」

My voice did not reach them.

Sebas-san and Bacchus-san did not suffer from a guilty conscience, but, rather, challenged it.

「T-That’s just chop logic!」I exclaimed.

No matter how much you justify it, this is just absurd.