Do you have a part-time job online?

Do you have a part-time job online?

Pei Qian knew the figures in online literature and knew that the numbers Meng Chang put on the poster were not just a form of showing off, but a form of humiliation.

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If this publicity plan was released, coupled with the bad reputation of the inspiration class on Zhongdian Chinese Network, it would definitely become a laughing stock. It would not have the publicity effect for the inspiration class at all!

It looked like Meng Chang had indeed been inspired after modifying the agreement and increasing his basic salary. It was really worth celebrating that he could come up with such a publicity plan in a short period of time.

To Pei Qian, Meng Chang’s request for a written contract did not make him unhappy. Instead, he felt very gratified.

That was because it meant that Meng Chang was indeed wholeheartedly thinking about the best way to make this reverse publicity plan work.

On this point, Pei Qian and Meng Chang were on the same page.

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Since that was the case, what was wrong with writing a contract?

Not only did he have to write a contract, but he also had to expand the content!

Pei Qian immediately took a pen and paper from the side. “No problem, I’ll write a contract for you!”

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The hand that was holding the pen stopped for a moment. “We still have to think about the specific content. It’s too important to be careless.”

Meng Chang chuckled inwardly.

He knew that Boss Pei would definitely bargain with him.