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Even if you ask me whether she’s a good person right now, I can definitely answer, “She’s absolutely not.” However, if you’re asking me whether she’s a bad person, I’ll hesitate for a bit as well.

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Aguri-san’s swinging the hoop of the keychain with her finger as she continued.

“Amanocchi was angry at that time. I think Main-nee-san must know how much more important this is to me than she thinks. No, perhaps she already knew everything.”

“…I think so. She has godlike senses, after all.”

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“Yes. So, she used that duel as an excuse to shirk the bear thing away. From this perspective, I have to thank Amanocchi and Main-nee-san for putting up a good fight.”

“Sigh, …I’m relieved to know that duel is meaningful more or less.”

“Hahaha, yeah, thank you, Amanocchi. Also, …I can’t believe Main-nee-san can hold herself back even when she likes cute dolls like this-“

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-I think I just heard something I can’t miss.

Aguri-san sipped the remaining juice with her straw when she saw me blinking shockingly.

“Eh, did I not tell you this before? Despite Main-nee-san’s look, her hobbies are really girly. Her room is filled with dolls.”

“Ehh…? Are you sure they’re not dolls with their heads ripped off?”