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「S-Sid-san is very knowledgeable about fish…」

As I muttered, Cain-san, who happened to be nearby, spoke.

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「Yeah, calling him a『fish expert』wouldn’t be an exaggeration. It seems that Sid-san grew up in a very peculiar environment when he was a child, so his『knowledge of living』is very rich. If you can only take one thing to a deserted island, I’d recommend taking him.」

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「I-I see…」

Just what kind of environment did he grow up in…

He has a lot of mysteries.

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「A-Anyway…… The fish seems to be a little dangerous, so let’s eat meat instead.」

「Yeah, let’s do that!」

「Un, sure.」

Then we pulled ourselves together and resumed the barbecue.

「Un, tasty!」

「This is delicious!」

「So juicy!」

Eating outdoors feels very delicious for some reason.

Then, when the three of us were enjoying the grilled meat – large fireworks bloomed in the night sky.