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“Struggle being successful might be a good thing, but we only have this seedling. So many people make standalone games and produce indie games. They don’t make much news so no one would know.

“Tengda is the luck of domestically-produced games, but sadly, that there is only Tengda.”

Pei Qian inexplicably remembered what Qiu Hong said before after seeing this comment.

Pei Qian felt that the environment for domestically-produced standalone games was pretty good already but was still filled with problems.

To the domestic producers, large-scale standalone games required more investments and had a higher failure rate than online games. That was an objective fact.

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Therefore, the domestic producers were not willing to make standalone games since it was not worth the effort.

It would be impossible to accumulate this way, which would become a never-ending loop.

Standalone games made by Tengda were successful.

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However, the failure rate of the other game companies making standalone games was very high!

Pei Qian suddenly thought of a good idea.

Since domestic standalone games failed so easily, wouldn’t they become easy losses if I were to invest in these failed projects without interfering with their designs?

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Pei Qian also carefully considered its feasibility after having such an idea.

There were three lessons that he learned over time.

First, it was the lesson from working with Ruan Guangjian.

The cooperation with Ruan Guangjian seemed to be quite a failure in retrospect. Ruan Guangjian had been working on piloting the quality of original concept art of Tengda Games since Ghost General.

One key reason why many games succeed was because of the high-quality concept art which attracted the players at first sight. The graphics that fitted the games perfectly had also become a key link towards the art of the game.

Pei Qian looked back at his cooperation with Ruan Guangjian and felt that it was mainly attributed to his confidence.