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“You know, Hirata and I aren’t particularly close to each other.”

I responded to her immediately in order to draw the line, however, she responded by giving me a surprised look.

“But then, why did Hirata-kun advise me that Ayanokouji-kun was the most reliable person in the class?”

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“…Oh really?”

“Yeah. He said that Ayanokouji-kun was the most reliable and level-headed person in the class. He spoke really well of you.”

While it makes me happy to be praised by Hirata like this, if things like this continue to spread around I feel like it’ll develop into something troublesome. However, I understand why Hirata would give my name to Mii-chan.

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There are plenty of reliable students, but in the particular case of Class C, it gets somewhat complicated.

Considering the other boys, it’s not surprising that Hirata would look me as the next most reliable student.

Still, it’s about Hirata, huh?

From my earlier conversation with Haruka, I can more or less guess what it’s about.

“Recently, Hirata-kun and Karuizawa-san, uh… broke up with each other. Have you heard about it already?”


What about it? I pretended as though I didn’t understand where she was going with this.

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“T-That, well…”

After faltering with her words several times, she finally began to speak about the real issue at hand.

“…Do you know if there’s anyone, H-Hirata-kun likes right now?”

It appears that this was what she had been wanting to ask about. In this case, which answer is the correct one to respond with?

Although I thought something like that for a moment, I immediately came to the conclusion that giving a genuine answer would be for the best.

“I don’t think so.”