Taobao open a shoe store to make money?

Taobao open a shoe store to make money?

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Unexpectedly, the man named Lu Mingliang started a conversation. “Teacher Qiao, would three thousand yuan per video do?”

Zhang Yahui said in surprise, “Eh, Boss Pei, you’re really sharp. You could tell at a glance!”

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“Indeed, these are all Brother Bao’s ideas. We don’t have such brains.”

“Brother Bao used his rich design experience in the games department to apply the concept of game design to the snack market. The entire snack market flowed and gave it a soul!”

Pei Qian: “...”

Very good, it was Bao Xu again.

If you just happened to pass by and suggested the renovation style of the Cyberpunk theme, then forget it. I can take it that you did not mean it.

However, how do you explain the current situation?!

Obviously, this entire design was definitely not something that could be done with a ‘stroke of inspiration’. He must have been repeatedly inspected and made sufficient preparations. He even had to repeatedly communicate with Liang Qingfan during the design process to make the structure and layout of all the stalls fit the corresponding plan.

Thisadded on to Bao Xu’s sin!

Zhang Yahui continued walking forward and came to one of the snack stalls.

Since business had not officially started today, only a small number of vendors had arrived.

The other vendors would also come over one by one to prepare and try their hand, but they would not appear in groups.

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“Use the Tengda Life App to scan the QR code on the stalls. Then, you can order and pay. Thereafter, you don’t have to queue here. Instead, you can shop around and come back to collect the snacks when they are ready.”

“You can observe the state of the food at any time and see what number you are in on Tengda Life App.”

The two-dimensional code of the stall was displayed on a display screen that was also packaged in a Cyberpunk style. It would be refreshed and changed every few minutes.

Apart from that, the display would also display the popular dishes and snack menu of the booth, as well as the current number.

The reason why the two-dimensional code had to be refreshed frequently was to prevent some customers from ordering it remotely after taking a picture of it and disrupting the normal queue order, or the food accumulation could not be taken away in time.

In addition, every snack stall had a special waiting area and dining area. There were not many seats and it was relatively crowded, but it at least gave customers a place to rest. What’s more, the Cyberpunk-style tables and chairs further enhanced the immersion of the entire scene.