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Combined with these figures and the news that Tengda was no longer selling buildings, even the idiotic netizens could deduce a simple fact: Tengda was rich again!

Eric froze, disbelief written all over his face.

For a moment, he could not accept this fact.

Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation were burning money with all their might. Dayak Corporation had also specially taken out a large sum of money to help. What’s more, they were still holding back while burning money. All sorts of burning money activities, be it lucky draws or discounts, could recover to a certain extent.

Even so, it was painful to burn money. Eric would not have been able to persevere if not for his determination and perseverance.

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On the other hand, Tengda had set up a 515 Games Day. It was a pure free gift. Obviously, it would burn more money than Finger Games, and the effect would be better.

He had thought that he had finally pushed Tengda to its limits and was starting to sell its buildings. Even though it was still too early to see the light of victory, it at least proved that Tengda was not invincible, even Gods would bleed.

However, the current situation was that God was indeed bleeding. However, the wound healed by itself in less than two minutes!

One had to know that Tengda had not received a few payments. The expenses of various projects were still going as per normal.

Under such circumstances, Tengda managed to survive the crisis without any suspense by relying on the players’ spontaneous transfusions and the help of some brother companies?

Eric had originally wanted to continue organizing events and seizing the market while Tengda’s funds were still in a tight spot.

However, Tengda was ready before their event even started!