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What is the name of the software that makes money online?

“O-Oh, I got it…”

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“So, I wanted to hear what Tendou-san has to say to make this popular!”


Uehara-kun and I looked at Tendou-san’s face that is full of embarrassment, we can’t help but feel guilty. We felt terrible for her, really. A person that is not that close to her just made something awkward and is now asking her to give comments…that’s the worst situation possible!

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Just when Uehara-kun’s face is wrinkled together when he is guilty of not thinking about this ahead.

Tendou-san managed to finish reading the paper and looked at Chiaki, who’s smiling excitedly and waiting for feedback – and I’m afraid she’s looking for a positive one, before giving her a smile.

“The content is really intriguing. This is a fascinating work full of originality and creativity…I look forward to your diligence and pursuit of excellence in your next game!”

“Holy shit you killed her gently and subtly dude ────────────!”

Tendou-san tried! She gave it her all! That comment was like something I’ve heard from the internet when the editor got a boring draft from the writer, I can’t believe Tendou-san have the courage to say that in front of Chiaki!

Uehara-kun and I throbbed at Tendou-san’s response. It suited her style perfectly. She is still shivering dazedly after giving that comment. As for Chiaki who just heard that-

“I…I’m excited! I never thought I will be thoroughly praised like this! I will give it everything I got!”

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Her unexpected optimism freaked us out.

Tendou-san ran out of options, she can’t help her anymore. She gave Chiaki a pale smile before returning the script to her. “Farewell, everyone.” She turned around and said.

Then, while Chiaki is happily reading her text, Tendou-san…mumbled silently to the point where only Uehara-kun and I heard her.

“…I’m sorry.”

“We should be the one to say that!”

We looked at Tendou-san, who’s still shivering while running away before apologizing to her loudly in our hearts. We’re really sorry! We meant that, Tendou-san!

After that, Chiaki, who’s still oblivious to what’s happening, gave us a proud smile.