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Online writing 啥 platform's most profitable

When Hashimoto finished, Kamuro spoke up as well.

“Wasn’t it also a mistake to make contracts with the ones who agreed to vote for Ayanokōji without getting anything in writing? How many people are still gonna vote for him after what happened today…?”

There’d be a dramatic decrease in the number of censure votes Ayanokōji would be getting, while the number for Yamauchi would only go up.

However, Yamauchi would be getting 20 votes from Class A to escape this predicament.

In which case, it’d be hard to guess who’d end up with the most votes against them.

Having heard Hashimoto and Kamuro’s analysis of the situation, Sakayanagi grinned.

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To Sakayanagi, the outcome of all of this was obvious.

Kamuro, Hashimoto, and Yamauchi simply couldn’t see it yet.

She was reminded of the reason why she had done this in the first place.

Sakayanagi pulled out her cell phone and turned off the power.

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After all, she’d receive an incessant, endless number of calls and messages from Yamauchi if she kept it on.

Class A had a lot of praise votes to use during this exam.

Yamauchi probably couldn’t help but feel worried about whether or not they were really going to use them on him.

“It seems there’s something I had forgotten to tell everybody, a very important story concerning Yamauchi-kun.”

With that, Sakayanagi began to tell them about the encounter that she had oh so carelessly forgotten to mention.