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So, I said that. I shouted a foul-mouthed word at the Minister from a prestigious family.

“P, Pig... pig?! Wh, who are...? Earth! You shit, w-who the hell, who are you talking about?”

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“So, Shut it! Me... this guy and... it doesn’t matter if you’re human, demon, or hoodlum, we all speak the common language called ‘fighting’.... don’t interrupt with your pig language.”

Yes, you’re a nuisance.

We’re clashing with each other.

I won’t let anyone interfere with this.

“...... Human too...”

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“That... see as pig?”

At that time, Toulowe asked me so.

Thinking a little bit about it....

“Well... no, maybe it’s disrespectful to pigs, right? Pigs are really smart creatures.”

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“...... I see.... Earth...... violent but.... amusing.”

“Heh, is that so... hey, wait a minute! V-Violent, you cut me, bit my shoulder, you’ve gone beyond violent and into savage, you know!”

“Wrong. Earth scary”