Internet chat money

Internet chat money

That’s right!

How smart and vicious was Boss Pei?

GOG and IOI had been fighting openly and covertly for so long. When had IOI not been schemed by Boss Pei?

Boss Pei had just personally guided the money-burning war on the 515 Games Day. He had even almost sold the building. Yet, he had given up during the summer rush and handed the entire event plan to his subordinates without even asking?

Was that reasonable? It did not make sense.

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The only explanation was that Boss Pei had intended it.

Then, there must be a huge problem with this plan that did not seem like Boss Pei’s style!

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Zhao Xuming asked humbly, “But... what trap can there be?”

Eric explained with some mental and physical exhaustion. “There’s no need to talk about regular activities like discounts. Even though 30%!i(MISSING)s already close to the limit that we can withstand, this is the least lethal plan.”

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“Have you noticed Tengda’s publicity plan for the international market? Operators from all over the world can advertise based on the actual situation. No matter what publicity method they use, Tengda will reimburse half of the money.”

“That alone is enough to give us a headache!”

“GOG and IOI chose a completely different marketing model. GOG worked with local operators, while IOI was jointly run by Finger Games from all over the world.”

“GOG’s current publicity method is actually getting another sum of money from the local operator. Tengda will fork out another sum of money. The more money the operator pays and the better the publicity, the more Tengda will make up for it.”

“Therefore, the various operators would definitely think of ways and invest the most publicity resources. That would maximize the benefits in this summer promotional event.”

“On the other hand, IOI has to fork out two sets of money. What’s more, we’ll have to choose different strategies to deal with the different publicity plans proposed by GOG’s various regional operations companies...”

Zhao Xuming was enlightened.