Is there a money to make money on the online fish scam?

Is there a money to make money on the online fish scam?

The background was modern, and there were many foreigners wearing clothes that one would normally see in real life, including suits, T-shirts, and sweaters.

He An was confused.

What happened to the large-scale action game?

Indeed, some action games made use of modern material, but those were often set on mysterious islands or lost ancient ruins. None of them had been set in the city!

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From the promotional screenshots, He An could tell that the game was nothing like action games!

What was even more confusing were the introduction and the game’s Mandarin name.

‘In reality, no matter how hard one struggles, they would not be able to escape their destiny’?

That was so depressing!

Yes, that was true to a certain extent. Most people were helpless in real life, and real life didn’t change according to one’s will.

However, that did not mean that this kind of fatalism should be promoted!

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Life was filled with unhappy events, but people should try hard to live a good life no matter what. That was because there was no giving up or exiting. People struggled, not to live a better life than others, but so that they would live a better life than before.

What’s more, the English and Mandarin translations of the word ‘Struggle’ meant slightly different things!

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In English, Struggle had many meanings. Before this, everyone had thought that the game would be an action one. Thus, they subconsciously assumed that ‘struggle’ meant to combat and fight.

However, in Mandarin, it was translated as ‘to strive’, which rid the gamers of their initial thoughts completely. At once, it exposed the game’s true theme!

With this opening, He An became stunned by Boss Pei’s actions, and he had not even entered the game. At this point, more intelligent gamers would have realized that they had been bluffed by the advertisements.